I have over 20 years experience of providing professional tarot card readings for a wide range of clients. I initially started reading the cards for family and friends and developed this gift over many years.  I now find my readings have become more accurate and has helped to shed light on issues, situations or relationships that may have become complex… and I simply enjoy doing readings! Apart from my love of the tarot cards and doing readings I also enjoy the feeling of being able to give insights and clarification during each reading.  I can pick up details about significant people, past and present events and provide the guidance you require. A reading is also a great way for you (the client) to give yourselves quality focussed time and is a chance to gain answers in your chosen area.

I ensure that each reading I provide is confidential, accurate and insightful and look forward to providing you with positive, empowering and enlightening readings.

Celestial Star

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