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I have been teaching Psychic/Spiritual Awareness and Tarot since 1995 in small groups individually and online, including SKYPE.

So wherever you are in the world these courses are available to you. If you are interested in small groups or one to one tuition please email me.

My online courses enable to you to work at your own pace.


Included in the price:


unlimited email support by myself

peer support in a closed group

SKYPE conference calls with other students

Online Spiritual Awareness Course
















This course is broken down into sections to enable you to develop your spiritual pathway. Each part comes with exercises, once completed please send to me via email I will comment constructively to enable you to gain a deeper understanding. I will then send Part 2 when you have completed the course


  • How to see and read the aura

  • Developing clairvoyance

  • Developing psychometry

  • Working and meeting your Angel Guides

  • Working and Meeting your Spirit Guides

  • Dowsing for specific questions

  • Understanding chakras and blockages

  • Personal journey

Online Tarot Course













                                                                £100  Add to Cart  



Your course work will be sent to you as a PDF file via registered PayPal address. This is broken down into sections with exercises, as you complete Part 1 you send me back completed exercises, I will not send you part 2 until course is completed.


  • Understanding Major Arcarna

  • Understanding Minor Arcarna

  • Understanding court cards

  • Time scales

  • Astrology and the Tarot

  • Numerology and the Tarot

  • Tarot meditations

  • How to link Tarot Cards together

  • Personal Journal



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Please be aware a reading is for advice and guidance and speaks of energies and trends rather than definite. It can show us the signposts on our highway of life and can help to guide us in the right direction giving us the choice of which path to take.

Your future is not fixed or fated; it changes with your experiences and your choices in life. A reading can assist you in making these choices.

In accordance with new regulations, any reading purchased must be regarded as for entertainment purposes only.

Please note that readings are for guidance only. Readings cannot be used as a substitute for any professional, legal, financial, medical or psychiatric advice or guidance.

You must also be aged 18 or over to purchase a reading from me.



Time frames for readings:

1. 1 question email reading same day before 6pm

2. 3 question email reading within 24 hours

3. in depth email relationship reading within 24 hours

4. Telephone reading. Your reader will contact you same day! To arrange a mutual time ASAP.


My promise:

To ensure all deadlines are adhered to. If your chosen reader can't fulfil this agreement I will personally do your reading. You can read my feedback on the Testimonials page.

I am still available for face to face readings only in Enfield or Sheffield. Please use contact form to arrange a mutual time and day for your reading.